So you want to buy house? Now what?

Here are the steps to the home buying process:

  1. Choose your agent! Hint, hint: The MacDonald Team!
  1. Get pre-approval for a loan. You can actually do this before selecting your agent, but if you need a referral, your real estate agent should have some good ones.
  1. Your home search begins! And, the fun starts!
  1. Submit an offer on a home. Be prepared for possible negotiating.
  1. Your offer is accepted. Hold on! Patience grasshopper, it’s not over yet!
  1. Provide your agent with an earnest money deposit.
  1. Your agent helps you schedule an inspection & an appraisal.
  1. Commit to your mortgage & start preparing for your move.
  1. Attend the closing. Usually 30-45 days after offer acceptance.
  1. Move into your new home! PHEW! You made it!