10 Best Kept Secrets For Selling Your Home


Here are 10 secrets to help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar:

Secret #1 Price it right

Pricing your home accurately is the most effective way to ensure a successful sale. Many sellers are tempted to list their home with the agent who quotes the highest price, but no amount of marketing can sell an overpriced home.

It’s extremely important to remember, that the agent doesn’t set the price, the seller doesn’t set the price – the market will determine the price for your home based on recent similar sales.

If you price your home too high, it will sit on the market & grow stale. If you price it too low, you’ll leave money on the table. We’re happy to provide you with a comparative market analysis so you know your home’s current value, just let us know if you’d like one.

Secret #2 You only get 1 first impression!

And, first impressions are lasting. No matter how good your home looks on the inside, buyers will judge it before they walk through the door, & you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

It’s important that buyers feel welcome as they approach your home. Keep your lawn maintained to enhance your curb appeal, power wash the driveway & clean the gutters. Entryways are also important. Make sure they are fresh & clean.

Secret #3 Brighten it up

After location, good light is the one thing that every buyer wants in a home. Clean your windows. Open drapes, blinds & curtains prior to showings, & make sure all light bulbs are working & bright. Let potential buyers see how cheerful your home can be.

Secret #4 Organize closets & storage

Your entire home matters. Seriously, it really does. Remove unnecessary clutter from your closets, attic, basement, garage & other storage space. Every buyer wants storage, & the more organized the storage space is, the larger it will appear.

Buyers will open all doors, especially the master closet, so be sure to keep all closets & cabinets clean. You can make closets appear larger by packing excess clothing or linens & keeping clutter off the floor.

Secret #5 Choose the right agent

A secret sale killer is hiring the wrong agent. Make sure you have an agent who is knowledgeable, trustworthy & has your best interests in mind at all times.

You want an agent who consistently monitors the multiple listing service, knows which homes in your neighborhood are on the market & the price the comparable homes are selling for in your area.You also want an agent who is tech-savvy & uses the most up-to-date tools to sell your home quickly & at top dollar.

Hint, hint! The MacDonald Team does all this for our clients!

Secret #6 Kitchens & bathrooms sell houses!

You’re basically selling your kitchen – that’s how important it is when selling your home. Make sure all appliances work properly & are sparkling.

Remodeling your kitchen offers endless benefits & you’ll typically get 85% of your money back. It might be a few thousand dollars to replace countertops, but a buyer will knock about $10,000 off the asking price if a kitchen is not up-to-date. A fast & inexpensive kitchen update is new cabinet hardware.

Secret #7 Remove pets during showings

Don’t get us wrong, we’re total dog lovers, but not everybody loves dogs, cats or other pets as much as we do. Buyers don’t want to walk in your home & smell the kitty litter box or leave with pet hair stuck to their clothes. It will give buyers the impression your home is not clean.

If possible, take your pets with you when you leave for showings. If that’s not possible, keep them in a special location & let your listing agent know where the pet will be so he or she can inform buyers & their agents.

Secret #8 Don’t over upgrade

Focus on updates that will get you top dollar for your home. You’ll get your money back for simple fixes, but a mammoth makeover, not so much.

What can you do? Fresh paint goes a long way. Also, make sure doors don’t stick & that you don’t have any leaking faucets.

Secret #7 Take the home out of your house

One word: de-personalize – really, this should be #2 on our list, because it’s basically the most important thing you can do when selling your home other than pricing it right.

Remove family photos & personal items. It’s very difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home if they see you & your family everywhere.

Also, consider hiring a home stager to maximize your home’s potential. Staged homes photograph better, show better & sell faster than non-staged homes. According to an AOL Money & Finance Pool, 87% of buyers responded that home presentation makes the difference in most sales.

Selling Secret #10 Always be ready to show

We know selling your home can be a little inconvenient & exhausting, but it will all be worth it when your house sells quickly & at the price you want.

When your home is on the market, you must be ready to show at all times, because you never know when a buyer will want to see it. Make sure dishes are not left in the sink, dust bunnies are not in the corners & bathrooms are clean.