Congrats, James!

Purchased – Roswell

Congrats James on your new home! James, you’re officially a homeowner, and we’re so happy for you! About one year ago, we set out to find the perfect first home for James. He was looking for something move-in ready in an extremely sought-after area, Roswell.

James was constantly battling multiple buyers for the same houses. He put in over 10 offers on different houses, but nothing seemed to work out. (We know what you’re probably thinking, and no, we’re not exaggerating, he really put in over 10 offers!)

However, James did not let the market discourage him. After many months searching, even exploring neighborhoods outside his ideal area, and facing numerous multiple offer situations, he finally found the perfect first home! James is a prime example that if you stay positive and are willing to keep an open mind that you can find an amazing home that is totally worth it.

He now owns a gorgeous move-in ready home in his ideal location in Roswell, only a mile to Canton Street. His home features an open concept, a gourmet kitchen and stunning hardwood floors throughout. It was well worth the wait! Check out his home below!