SOLD! Congrats, Sarah & Dustin!

4738 Cambridge Dr - Sarah & Dustin Closing Image

BIG congrats to Sarah and Dustin on their first home purchase! We’re over the moon excited for them! Last month, Sarah and Dustin closed on an awesome fixer upper in an unbeatable location in Dunwoody and they have incredible plans to bring their new home back to life.

We have to admit, their transaction had quite a few twists and turns, but their patience and positivity was a big reason we were able to help them snag a pretty phenomenal deal on their current home.

Kyle and I are extremely excited to watch them transform their fixer upper into their dream home. We know Dustin’s construction skills are going to come in handy with their massive renovation.

If you don’t know Sarah and Dustin, they are amazing! Both Sarah and Dustin are such positive people with personalities that instantly make you happy when you’re with them. We really enjoyed laughing our way through the process together.

Dustin owns and runs his own company, Backyard Custom Construction, which specializes in custom-built sheds, storage buildings, workshops, garages and cabins. His work is stunning and if you haven’t checked them out, we suggest you do so. Seriously, like right now. You won’t regret it! Just click the link below!

Backyard Custom Construction isn’t the biggest or the cheapest company out there, but they strive to give every customer the best experience and the most value for their money. We believe that communication and honesty speaks volumes.

We’re extremely excited to follow Sarah and Dustin through their renovation, which includes removing walls to create an entirely open concept on the main floor, creating a larger master bedroom with a spacious en-suite, finishing the basement with additional bedrooms, re-landscaping the backyard and more.

After only two short weeks, they already finished the entire demo! Check back soon, because we hope to have more for you! In the meantime, check out the first few pictures!

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