Why Fall is a Great Time to Sell Your Home!

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Many Sellers believe that fall isn’t the best time to list their home, because the real estate market tends to slow down. Although it typically slows a bit, there are actually several big advantages to selling your home in fall!

In fact, the fall real estate market is almost always a great season to sell, and it’s the 2nd best time during the year to do so. Can you believe it? Think about it, families are returning from their summer vacations and the holidays aren’t quite on us yet. Plus, the weather makes most people so excited to be out!

Here’s our Top 5 Reasons Why Selling this Fall is a Great Strategy:

1. Inventory is at an all time low, meaning less competition for you! Did you know that According to the Atlanta REALTORS® Association, New listings only totaled 4,951 in August, down 4.1% from the previous month? Plus, Atlanta area housing inventory only totaled 15,237 units in August 2017, a 4.7% decrease from August 2016.

2. Low interest rates and high rental rates are causing more buyers to consider purchasing. Even though there are typically fewer buyers in fall, buyers tend to be more serious. Plus, Buyers who were unable to find homes in spring and summer due to such a competitive market are still on the search for their home.

3. Appraisals tend to be more favorable after the summer market. After a competitive spring and summer driving up prices, your home value will likely also come in higher.

4. Tax Driven sales must close before December 31st. In order to qualify for the Homestead Exemption, Buyers must reside in the home on January 1st for the year in which they are applying, encouraging them to close before Dec. 31st.

5. Home for the holidays. Buy or sell in fall and you could be nicely situated in your new home for the holidays before the winter weather hits.

According to the Atlanta REALTORS® Association President Bill Rawlings, “Atlanta’s new listings have lagged behind the number of homes sold for a few months, which is keeping the housing market competitive. Nevertheless, sales are very strong, and we continue to be in a seller’s market in most price range across the city.”

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