Congrats, Alex!

Buyer – Dunwoody


Congrats, Alex! What a gorgeous first home! We’re so excited for you, and we must say, it’s slightly better than a boat!

When Alex enlisted our help, he told us that he felt he was flushing money down the toilet paying rent each month. We could not agree more! Why pay your landlord’s mortgage when you can pay your own? Owning a home can be a very rewarding financial investment.

Alex was looking for a home close to town with a convenient commute to his work. He was also hoping to have a spacious home on a large lot. Right when Alex started to think that he wasn’t going to find a home that fit all his needs, we discovered a hidden gem that checks all the boxes in a fantastic neighborhood in Dunwoody.

Alex was able to scoop this one up for a fantastic deal! It’s fully renovated & it features a massive basement equipped with a mini kitchen and guest suite. Plus, it has an awesome private backyard with a fire pit.

Alex, thank you so much for the opportunity to help you with your home purchase! We had so much fun helping you! We can’t wait to see what you do with it!




Family Room

1683 Chateau Dr Image 3.jpg

Alex’s basement set-up!


Spacious backyard with fire pit!

Photo source: First Multiple Listing Service