Tax Assessments – Appeal or Not?

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If you’re reading this article, you were likely hit hard by the recently released property tax assessments. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; many residents are feeling the pinch.

With the rise in property values and to catch up with their valuations, many homeowners are seeing an increase in property taxes. Some are even seeing very dramatic increases, especially if they haven’t seen an increase in several years.

So what can you do about it? You might be able to appeal! Keep your money in your pocket, not in Uncle Sam’s! Here’s what to do:

Review the assessment carefully. If you feel it’s inaccurate, click the link for your county below for information on the appeal process.

If you do not agree with your home’s fair market value shown, you have 45 days (in both counties) from the date shown on the notice to appeal.

Reason for appeal:

*A mistake – they made a mistake; incorrect data on your property

*Comparable homes in your neighborhood received lower assessments

*Your home’s market value is incorrect

If anything above applies to you, click the link for your respective county below for more information on the appeal process:

Cobb County:

DeKalb County:

Fulton County:

Just a reminder, the millage rates have not been set yet so these are not your final bills, just an assessment.

Disclaimer: Information on this topic was summarized from an article provided by Melissa Wakamo, Managing Broker at Red Robbin REALTORS®, a division of Keller Knapp Realty.