SOLD! Congrats, Tanner & Kimberly!

Buyers – Sandy Springs

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Congrats, Tanner and Kimberly on your very first home! You’re officially homeowners!

Tanner and Kimberly originally started their home search looking for a single-family house, however after chatting with them about their wants and needs, we realized a townhouse was a much better fit for their lifestyle.

Just like many other buyers, low inventory and high competition made it tough for Tanner and Kimberly to a home. I know, I know, again with the competitive market talk, but it really is tough being a buyer in a low inventory market!

Although the market is challenging, Tanner and Kimberly knew that owning a home was a much smarter financial decision vs. renting, so they hit the market head on, and we were able to find them a gorgeous townhouse in their ideal location!

Located in Sandy Springs, their new home features an open concept, hardwoods throughout, an oversized master bedroom and the basement that Tanner was seeking!

Tanner and Kimberly have big plans to paint the interior a gorgeous gray and update the kitchen cabinets with a fresh white paint coat. We cannot wait to see how they transform this house into their home!

Tanner and Kimberly, thank you so much for entrusting us to help you with your first home purchase. It was such fun to help you! We hope you enjoy your new home! Cheers!

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Tanner & Kimberly’s new home!

Photo source: First Multiple Listing Service